iPad iPhone iPod to Computer Transfer


Back up your music and files from iPhone, iPod or iPad


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Those small creatures by Apple are famous all around the world. They are amazingly small and they can store a lot of music within their tiny metal bodies. No matter if yours is an iPod, an iPhone or an iTouch, if you own one of them, iPhone iTouch iPod to Computer Transfer is a must-have for you.

Your beloved music can be now backe up and restored thanks to this lite ad easy-to-use application. It's easy to use. You plug i your iToch, iPod or iPhone and it will be automatically detected by the program. you'll see all your songs, videos, photos and more appearing in the interface of the program. Once it's been scanned, you'll be able to backup anything. You can even set copy rules.

In case of crash or if you miss some songs, you only have to restore the backup. It's that easy.

Finally, you don't need any third-party program and you can copy the content of an iPod, iPhone or iTouch to a different one, with no restrictions. That's a good point on favor of music, video and photo sharing.

The trial version only copies the first 3 tracks of each playlist.

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